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TESTIMONIALSPeople are talking

We were keenly aware of the difference between working in office and remote places, and when we find Teracy, we decided to implement it. Now we can easily communicate with other employees, and the initial issue of lack of communication has been resolved. There were times when text-based communication via chat or email was difficult to understand or led to misunderstandings, but after we start using Teracy, the awareness within the team has changed, and we are satisfied.

Rockhearts Inc.Division Manager
Kenta Fukuoka

I use Teracy regularly and I can't imagine running a team without this now. I used to have to take a long way to talk; checking the schedule of every single person I wanted to talk to, messaging them to see if they were available, and finally, I could call them. With Teracy, I can just press the call button and start a quick conversation now. I would like to continue to use it actively.

Essence Inc.Division Manager
Yuma Shimazaki

I believe that Teracy is the place to be if you want to be creative. Even when working remotely, comfortable communications can happen frequently; such as chatting, stimulating ideas. I think it is good to have different kinds of energy compare to being in the real office too. In the case of remote work, there are almost no scenes for synchronous communication other than "meetings," so I think it is significant that employees have developed an awareness of having conversations even when there are no such occasions.

inglow, Inc.Product team leader
Kento Yoshida

Before using Teracy, I was facing the challenge of training and engaging younger members under remote work. However after using Teracy, I realised that the call function (call button) was very convenient, and I was able to ask questions quickly, which not only improved my productivity but also lowered the communication pressure level. It has also solved the problem of loneliness in the team. I do not need to show my face in the video so it is less stressful to connect in the Tracy all time.

PROOSEL Inc.Business manager
Hiroki Tomono

We had issues such as "It is difficult to have a conversation when working remotely and to call out in real time", but Teracy has made it easier for us to have conversations and share small pieces of information. In addition, Teracy has a sophisticated UI that allows new members to catch up easily, and it is light enough to be used with a browser.

IOIX, Inc.Director
Mariko Hoshino

We run a school for training creators, and it has become so popular to use Teracy, feeling like, "the quality of the school would be degraded without it." In the beginning, we felt that the quit rate and the low sense of belonging of our students in only online courses can be challenging, but we have been able to maintain the motivation of the students and create a good environment where can communicate well. In fact, many students have said that they would never have been able to maintain their motivation without Teracy.

Pivote Inc.CEO
Eiichiro Tanabe

FEELKnow the status of your peers

See If You Can Say “hi

Status settings

"Can I talk to you now?” is no longer necessary. You can also set the focus mode to turn off when you want to concentrate on your tasks.

No Need to Ask Plans

Google Calendar Integration

You can easily see other members' schedules and know what they are doing.

Know Who Talk with Who

Room and Member Display

You can see who is talking in a room, and if it is a related member or topic, you can join the room with one click.

CONNECTHave a chance to conversation anytime

Easy to start conversation

Call Button

You can send a call button to someone you want to talk to and invite them to join your room. This will lower the psychological hurdle compared to just entering the room.



You can send a call button to someone you want to talk to and invite them to join your room. This will lower the psychological hurdle compared to just entering the room.

Seamless Slack integration

Notification integration

Easily receive notifications through Slack integration. You can easily connect with other members by knowing their call buttons and status changes.

TALK1Click Conversation

Talk can feel close

Voice Calling

Easily connect by voice, eliminating the time spent waiting for a text (chat) response or the hassle of issuing a video conference link.

Easy Sharing Screen

Screen and video sharing

Just like working next to each other in the office, you can share a screen to help each other resolve stuck tasks and provide support.

Avoid Miscommunication

Voice Messaging

When the person you want to talk to is busy, you can leave a voice message to connect later or easily convey the background of your intention.

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For the pricing schedule, please see the pricing page.


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